Milly and Me
by Anthony Howard
'This amusing and charming book comes from the hand and heart of the creator of Country Ways and Coastal Ways as, much like the participants in his hugely popular films, he shares a snapshot of his life as a small-holder in rural Hampshire, in the company of Milly, his faithful collie, and his lovely wife Elisabeth, as they tend their sheep and chickens, look after their meadows and enjoy life in their own special corner of merry England.'
The Hawk Conservancy at Weyhill
 DVD £12.99

This DVD contains three specially selected films from The Country Ways Collection about the activities of The Hawk Conservancy Trust at Weyhill in Hampshire.  In the esteemed company of founder Reg Smith, his son Ashley and a host of talented handlers, we are treated to a master-class in falconry as we get up-close-and-personal with some amazing birds of prey.  The three films featured are from A Taste of the South (1987), A Taste of the Country (1991) and Country Ways 'Monxton & Amport in January' (2004).    (Duration approx. 75 mins.)